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Here's a screenshot of my desktop with the new GUI version of client-test. Not much to look at, perhaps, but I was happy to get it working. :)

The chat protocol includes broadcast, multicast and client-to-client messaging.

tcolor-sshot1.png     tcolor-sshot2.png

Some more screenshots with the latest features (vertex coloring, atmospheric perspective, height-of-terrain and base texturing.) This 256x256 height field (data/nice-river.png) was generated by the World Machine. The color map (data/nice-river-cmap.png) and base texture were generated with the Gimp. See the README file in CVS for arguments used for png2bit.

terrainwf-sshot.png     terrainflat-sshot.png     terrain-sshot.png    

Some screenshots from the terrain rendering code I'm working on. The LOD (level-of-detail) algorithm is based on the paper "Visualization of Large Terrains Made Easy" by Peter Lindstrom and Valerio Pascucci. The sample PNG heightfield distributed with SOAR modeling Puget Sound was used to generate the terrain mesh.

terrain2wf-sshot.png     terrain2flat-sshot.png     terrain2-sshot.png    

Here's another sequence of shots from the same dataset. Note how the triangles get larger on the flatter ground to the left.


Here's a shot of a couple of billboarded trees. I took a picture of one of the trees in a park near my house with a digital camera and processed it through the Gimp. (The bits of pinkish-brown stuff in the background is the terrain - I haven't gotten height-of-terrain working yet.)

omnibird-screenshot-1.png     omnibird-screenshot-2.png     omnibird-screenshot-3.png     omnibird-screenshot-4.png

Model produced with Milkshape3D by Loiosh

Here's an improved version of the original model (below) done with Milkshape3D featuring a better structure for animating and a much better UV-map for skinning. There is also an AVI animation of the walk cycle available.

'Omnibird' is based on the name of a SONET test set we use at work. I just like the way it sounds. :)

roboto1.png     roboto2.png     roboto3.png     roboto4.png

Model produced with Blender by Kudzu

Here's some screenshots of our first robot model. This is only a rough draft (the texture mapping definitely needs to be done by someone with better artistic skill than me.)

This will likely be a medium-small scout/light assault robot. There's one large hardpoint on top (behind the cockpit) and possibly two smaller hardpoints on the shoulders. The game world height is around 3 or 4 meters tall and the weight is around 30-35 tons. Top speed is 80kph. It does not yet have a name.

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