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Big Iron is a real-time 3D combat simulation based around the concept of giant armored walking robots. Players compete against AI robots to complete various single-player missions (either stand-alone or as part of a campaign), or head to head against other human players via the Internet in team or deathmatch mode.

Big Iron is intended to be extremely flexible. Players are able to build their robots from the ground up (including selecting customized "skins") Battlefields and missions can be created from scratch with an included mission editor. Multi-player server operators are able to control and customize server operation (including setting game balance related parameters and customizing mission objectives or restrictions)

The game is intended to be similiar in scope to certain Windows shrink-wrapped games (like Starsiege or Mechwarrior), but with a distinctly Linux touch. Big Iron is not going to be a high-speed FPS like StarSiege Tribes, Quake or others like that. The pace will be a little slower and a little more strategy oriented. One on one battles may last several minutes between highly skilled pilots.

Here's the list of all the stuff we'd like to do. Naturally only a small subset of this will be provided in the first release.

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