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Big Iron has not yet had an official release. The code in CVS is highly experimental and unstable and should probably only be downloaded by developers.

If you would like to play with the source and don't want to bother with CVS, you can download the latest "stable" CVS snapshot. Make sure you have the required libraries (listed below) installed on your system before you build.
You will need the following libraries to build or run Big Iron: Note: These libraries may have dependancies of their own. Check the links for each library for more information.

I've only built the source on a Win98 system with CygWin, but it should build okay on Linux (or any other Unix-like platform PLIB has been ported to.) If you have problems building, or are interested in helping maintain compatability for other platforms, please let me know.

The CVS tree is publicly available in a read-only mode through anonymous CVS.

If you're running a Unix/Linux system (or Windows with CygWin) with cvs installed, you can do the following if you'd like to be on the absolute bleeding edge of development:

$ export
$ cvs login
$ cvs co bigiron
CVS password:
(press enter)

After the initial checkout, you can resync with the latest source by changing into the top level directory and typing:

$ cvs update -d -P

Windows folks can check out the SourceForge site documentation for info on how to set up WinCVS if you don't want to bother with CygWin. Be warned, however, that the current source tree only has a GNU configure/make build system set up. You'll have to generate your own project files if you're building with an IDE.

Daily CVS snapshots are available, but should be regarded as highly unstable.

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