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Big Iron is (or will be) a real-time, 3D, first-person game of mechanized combat set in the far future. Players build, customize and operate massive anthropomorphic robots on realistic large scale terrains in single or multi-player mode. These robots are the lords of the battlefield in the far future, whether the fight is on the moons of Jupiter, the mountains of Mars, the green hills of Earth, the depths of an alien sea or the outer surface of a space station.

Big Iron is intended to be a free open source equivalent of such commercial computer games as StarSiege and MechWarrior. It is being developed in ANSI C++ using Steve Baker's portable game library as the 3D, sound and joystick SDK. Linux and Windows (using Cygwin) are the primary development platforms, but portability to the Mac is a secondary objective.

Keep an eye on the news page for the latest updates on project status.

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